December 4, 2020

To Dryrobe or Not to Dryrobe?

To dryrobe or not to dryrobe? 


That is the question.

Well, our answer is we don’t want dryrobers or their type here

If you step into the Irish Sea in December, you’ve got to feel the pain

Both in the water and when you come out.

What’s the use otherwise?

Dryrobers are not like us.

Our tribe tremble, we dry ourselves off with a bit of a towel

We sit on the rocks or on the edge of the boot of the car


We wrap ourselves in fellowship and hot coffee, not in a warm towelled tent.

Your lot are mommycoddled, spoonfed wimps

You want the thrill without the sting

The pleasure without the anguish.

Go home and wear your dryrobe there

We don’t want your ilk around here in South County Dublin.