March 18, 2021

Lockdown. Day 368.

Lockdown. Day 368.


When I woke this morning, it was a new day.

I closed my eyes again and decided….

I would eat less, drink less

Would read more, exercise more.

Would give up Netflix, take up crocheting.

Would plant things, grow things.


But that was hours ago.

I was younger then, more naïve, full of hope and good intentions.

And I’m going to get up now.


It’s evening time of Day 368 in lockdown.

The gin bottle is empty.

So is the fridge.

Along with the box of chocolates I got for “Mother’s Day.”

I’ve planted myself on the couch.

I’ve grown a Covid hairstyle.

I’ve watched four seasons of “Schitt’s Creek” back-to-back.


But I’ve signed up for a Pilates Zoom class tomorrow morning.

My ample core will be toned and it will be at peace.