Room for One More - Memories and Make-believe

Is it true? Did it really happen to you? Some of it did!

Room for One More depicts snapshots of the author's childhood in Killarney, her time in a boarding school in Co. Cork, her college years in Dublin and her subsequent travels.

The short stories that these snapshots inspire, range from an emigrant's Christmas in Australia in Waiting for Christmas, a drama in a nursing home in Returning Home and a sinister feud in an Argentine village in And Then Came the War.

This collection of memoirs and short stories offers a varied and enjoyable read, to those of us who sometimes wonder, "could that really happen?"

Sweaters and Small Stuff - A Short Story Collection

WHEN ordinary people live through extraordinary moments...

Sweaters and Small Stuff is a wonderful collection of stories, depicting some of the most tender and sweet, as well as tragic and harrowing, instances in the lives of many different characters.

From the life-changing to the seemingly mundane, this thought-provoking anthology will take you on a journey that won't easily be forgotten. The two-part volume brings you a very different story for every day of the week, in the first section. From Sundays and Secrets, where a young girl's life is changed forever on a Kerry beach to Friday's Photographs, where a tale of abuse takes an unusual turn.

In part two, Foreign TV Stations is a funny take on a stroke of luck, A Model Mother tugs at the heartstrings and 30-Minute-Meals gives real food for thought.

Sweaters and Small Stuff offers a varied and enjoyable read, for ordinary people looking for extraordinary moments.

Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

Loved this short story collection

Loved this short story collection, a real trip back to times and days past mixed with an unusual take on technology and modern life. The Author leaves us begging for more and thinking on into the night about the possibilities and twists in many of these tales. A great insight into the complexities of all types of relationships. One feels that she has based many on her own life experiences. by El Read more>>
5.0 out of 5 stars

A Great Read!

A thought-provoking collection of stories in which the author takes a candid, humourous and quirky view of everyday life and the mundane details of living. These stories will certainly entertain you and some will have you reflecting nostalgically on times gone by. The author shows a deep understanding of how families and friendships work. A great read ! by Catriona Carney Read more>>
4.0 out of 5 stars

Best of all are the twists

This modern Irish short story collection has tales familiar to us all. It takes us from family beach trips and secrets to the complexities of dating and marriage, from mental health and its effects on the family to themes of emigration and caring for vulnerable relatives. This rich pool of sometimes troubling topics is well-balanced by the writer's lack of sentimentality and her dark sense of humour. Best of all are the twists in many of the tales that leave you thinking about the story long after you finish it. This book will especially appeal to anyone interested in contemporary Irish everyday lives and their extraordinary moments. Highly recommend. by Caroline Crowley Moore Read more>>