March 18, 2015

Maree, Oranmore Cove Book Club

I was delighted to hop into the car and head west to Galway straight after school last Friday. I was invited to do a reading and a question and answer session for a book club with a bunch of lovely ladies living in and around Maree, outside of Oranmore.

I decided to read "30 Minute Meals" as it is a short enough story and it seems to be well-received, judging from word of mouth feedback. After the Q & A session, I finished up by reading the story "Sweaters and Small Stuff" that lends its name to the title of the collection as it was requested by one of the group who had read it in the run-up to our evening together.

The Q & A session was an eye-opener for me, if for nobody else. I had to really think before I answered questions from the group like what makes me want to write, how did I start, how do I get my inspiration, why did I use certain words/language to convey ideas and other probing questions. I hope I gave any prospective readers and perhaps some budding writers answers that they found interesting. As this was the firstt time I did anything like this, I was interested in my own answers!

A huge thanks to my sister Aileen for hosting the evening in her lovely home in Sycamore Cove and for providing some lovely food (and beverages). Sheila facilitated the evening in Hilary's absence. (So sorry you were detained elsewhere, Hilary, we must catch up again). Thanks to all the ladies who attended and were kind enough to buy copies of the book. Enjoy the read.

I can't believe we didn't take a photo of the night. It's a shame. Sheila said the group are reading "Academy Street" by Mary Costello for their next meeting. I really enjoyed reading it over the Christmas. Mary well deserved all of the plaudits and awards and I'm sure the ladies in Maree will be giving it a thumbs up at their next meeting in the Cove.